Support X

Tailored support service that puts your needs first.

Support X is a tailored support package providing peace of mind, technical excellence, bespoke SLA's and cost savings all wrapped up in our unique X experience.

One contract, one consistent service and one point of contact - so you don't have to worry about the challenges of multiple providers, different end dates, and fixed service agreements that doesn’t fit your organisation's needs.

What Support X offers you

Single point of contact

Deal with one person, who work with our certified team of experts, tools and processes.

Local, integrated sales and support offer

Combining product support and services in one.

Access to certified experts

Working across multiple vendors and tech for a holistic approach.

Industry-leading ticket system

You can monitor your support enquiry through our dedicated support platform.

Fully focused on issue resolution

We contact X Alliance engineers and vendors directly for 3rd level support.

Knowledge share

Once the problem is resolved we will share how it was done, passing on the knowledge.


Already have Support X?

You can get in touch with our Support X team if you need to raise a ticket:

Tel: 01865 502440 (ext 2)